New Planet Earth twins

Astronomers detected a planet that orbits the rocks adjacent to the star. Most likely be found living in that place.

The discovery team led by UC Santa Cruz is predicting the possibility of similar planets in the Milky Way. Although considered to resemble the earth, the planet is 4.5 times larger in size, so-called” Super-earth”.

Within 22 light years from Earth, the orbit is 28 days and is located in the zone that is appropriate for habitable living. Surrounding temperature not too cold or hot, there is also a water supply. Astronomers called him the” Goldilocks zone”.

The newly discovered planet is classified as a planet three stars, including two stars orbiting each other. One of them has a Jupiter-like surface that is rich in gas and the other planets, its orbit around for 75 days.

Senior member of the UC Santa Cruz team, Steven Vogt said the odds are still many other planets. “The discovery of this planet is a marker that there is a lot of new planet discoveries,” he said.

Vogt is currently working on a new telescope construction project called” Automated Planet Finder”. This tool is able to automatically detect the telescope at the Observatory on Mount Hamilton near San Jose.

This discovery led by Paul Butler and Guillem Anglada-Escude of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington DC and its members comprised of astronomers from Germany, Britain, Australia and Chile.

Regarding discovery, Anglada-Escude stated that the planet has an excellent water supply. “This planet aalah best planet candidates with a sufficient amount of water,” he said.

The team’s findings will be published in the Astrophysical Journal, a special journal containing the findings” exoplanets”. According to the Encyclopaedia extrasolar planet, the existence of exoplanets has terdeketeksi since 1995 and amounted to 755 planets.


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Saya salah satu mahasiswa di Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang dari Jember. Karena mahasiswa saya mencoba mengikuti proses diorganisasi dengan menjabat sebagai ketua BEM FPP UMM.
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